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How would you like your food grown? Small complex “food forest” farming.

How would you like your food grown??

In an agricultural setting highly dependent on synthetic inputs, supporting a system devoid of bio diversity and soils depleted of humus and life.

Or small complex “food forest” farming systems, preferably certified organic, supporting millions of vertebrates and non vertebrates, like worms, bees, birds, spider, reptiles, soil fungi, complex soil biology, trees, grasses, edible species etc.

This is our chosen food production system at Beach Organics.

We’re aiming to grow 150 edible species on our 10 acres in 2021, including a critical species in any ecologically sound gardening system …legumes!

My personal favourite are broad beans, because of there high lignin content and delicious crop. See attached photo.
Most plants cant use atmospheric nitrogen and 78% of the atmosphere is nitrogen gas.

There are clever ways legumes / beans transform that nitrogen and they have a remarkable ability to transform atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form.

Small white nodules, no bigger than a match head, found on the interface between the roots of this species and soil particles, house Rhizobium bacteria, the nitrogen fixers.

Its enzymes refuse to work in the presence of oxygen and a good handful of soil contains mostly air space. And here is the dilemma.

Beans and some other species oblige! When a bean root meets a microscopic filament of rhizobium beneath the surface, there is a mutual understanding.

The bean will grow an oxygen free nodule to accommodate the bacterium and VOILA, the bacterium shares its nitrogen with the plant.

This layered plant generosity cant be found in most large agricultural systems driven by synthetic inputs.

So, be mindful when you’re choosing your food, ask questions, support certified organic gardeners, complex permaculture farming systems and learn to establish your own home based food economy.


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