NASAA Certified Organic

Beach Organics Property

The Beach Organics property is a four hectare parcel of land situated in a valley overlooking the beautiful Southern Ocean. Purchased by Barry Beach as a vacant and treeless paddocks in 1984 it has been run for over two decades following sustainable organic growing practices.

Beach Organics complies with the organic standards of Australia and guidelines prescribed by N.A.S.A.A. and so a diverse ecology has evolved over several decades leaving a property with a distinct permaculture influence.

Situated on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, the Beach Organics property is located between the coastal townships of Port Elliot and Middleton.

It has been extensively re-vegetated, landscaped and planted with thousands of native trees as well as over thirty different types of fruit trees, all coexisting with dozens of different varieties of seasonal vegetables and herbs.

Poultry are used extensively to enhance soil fertility, recycle garden waste, reduce pests and weeds, provide superb free range eggs and adjust soil ph. Beehives are also part of the landscape. Vegetable gardens are small but intensive poly-cultures often situated between tree-scapes, taking advantage of important micro-climates.

A small owner built mud brick cottage was built along with a mud brick wood oven. Swales and dams have been constructed to harvest precious water. Clever, simple, innovative hand tools are used extensively in the food gardens.