NASAA Certified Organic

Beach Organics offers Pure Wild Harvest Tamarind Paste and more.

In a “fast food” world we are pleased to offer our Pure Wild Harvest Tamarind Paste.

One of our many quintessentially “Slow Food” Products we generate through Projects we run directly in Indonesia, NW Africa and N India.

Our Wild Harvest Tamarind Paste is painstakingly scraped from tamarind pods by hand and de-seeded, vacuum packed by us and supports a small village based enterprise in East Bali.

I must say, our Indonesian Coffee Project and this one, have proved very successful as our online customers, those shopping at our Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN SA and our local Beach Organics Farm Gate community recognise the value of supporting businesses that prioritise social action and implement strong sustainability initiatives.

If you’ve enjoyed the hospitality of these communities when travelling overseas and as the pandemic continues to run unabated in many of these communities, they need our support!

Our pure tamarind paste, freshly roasted organically grown coffee, single estate peppercorns, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, saffron etc are heading across our borders, finding there way overseas and placing themselves into some of the best and most discerning kitchens in Australia.


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