NASAA Certified Organic

“Bean to Bar”
Traditional Farmers Market

I’ve always enjoyed the flavour and potential health benefits of a well crafted cup of organic coffee and a small piece of organic raw chcococlate.

This was the catalyst for the evolution of our “bean to bar” chocolate and “coffee tree to cup” Project.

We’re very fortunate to travel the world and source the best organically grown raw materials for our customers to enjoy.

Most of our long term customers would know this is our unique TRADITIONAL FARMERS network at work. A “direct / fair ” trade model shaped over many years of hard work.

Vacuum packing our green coffee beans at source, using our own equipment and hand wrapping each 4 kg pouch in bubble wrap is a labour of love, but it keeps our green beans in excellent shape during their journey to Australia and critically helps ensure I can micro manage them through Australian Quarantines complex and expensive regulatory controls without insecticide fumigation nor gamma radiation treatment.

Before packing we pay the Indonesian Specialty Coffee Association to check for primary and secondary defects, moisture levels etc.

I personally roast our green beans every week ensuring our customers enjoy the very best specialty coffee!

We’re using some fine single origin organic cacao to make our raw chocolate. Partly processed at source returns a premium to the growers, we vacuum pack and temper to 42C maintaining many phytonutrients!

We hope you can join us at our BEACH ORGANICS STORE at PLANT 4 BOWDEN to enjoy our efforts.