NASAA Certified Organic

Phew, its been another busy time at Beach Organics

Phew, its been another busy time at Beach Organics …

Kaffir lime fruit is ready to harvest and layer in barrels of our hand made sea salt crystals. We age it for almost a decade before offering it for sale as our NASAA certified organic lime infused sea salt. Perfect on anything Asian, tempeh, vegetables, sea food etc.

Our harvest of organic olives is in full swing. They’re rinsed for 10 days in fresh water and placed in brine ready to serve to our customers at PLANT 4 BOWDEN. 200 – 300 kg’s should suffice.

Our hot house is almost ready, we’ll use it to grow our own organic vegetable and herb seedlings.

Broad beans are beating the cold, our coriander is hand harvested on our farm and used in our own unique stone ground spice blends, our Kitchen Garden workshops are finished till Spring, we’ve visited exotic locations to source our best vanilla and our gardens are producing amazing organic produce fit for our customers plates at PLANT 4 BOWDEN.

And when I have a spare moment, I love hopping onto our tandem with my wonderful wife or having a relaxing coffee from our 80 year old lever press coffee machine!!!