NASAA Certified Organic

Since our last post!

Phew, a lot has happened at Beach Organics since our last post!

We’re happy to say our latest harvest of organic coffee beans from Indonesia have arrived safely. We vacuum pack all our green beans at source and carefully navigate them through Australian quarantine without the usual pesticide fumigation that most coffees in Australia are subjected to. This importantly retains their organic integrity.
We’ve had a batch through our roaster and its cupped superbly!

After a long absence waiting on some raw materials ex Indonesia, our raw dark chocolate is back in production and our wonderful team in Indonesia have scraped and packed our latest harvest of wild tamarind paste, a true labour of love! Our freshly harvested white pepper was vacuum packed at source and has also just landed!

We’ve had a month on the road and travelled to Morocco to capture the latest harvest of saffron, distil our pure organic orange oil for our chocolate, purchase our rose and orange water, reconnect with our wonderful Moroccan friends and cold press the latest harvest of organic Argan nuts into a pure luscious oil fit for any skin.
80 kgs of Argan kernels = just 1 litre of oil. They were de-husked and cracked open by hand. The resulting kernel was ground by hand and hand pressed into the most amazing oil. With patience, we received just 1 litre of oil every 4 days! Another labour of love!

The new organic fruit forest planted recently on our farm is looking good and trees are in bud burst with our spring warmth and the 20 ml of rain last night was gratefully received!!! Our 2,500 square metres of vegetable and herb gardens are bursting with certified organic produce. We cant wait to feature it on our menu at PLANT 4 BOWDEN.

That’s it folks!!!!