NASAA Certified Organic

Turmeric Turmeric Turmeric

My interest in turmeric began when I consumed a tonic called Jamu, on a surfing trip to Indonesia many decades ago.
Intrigued by its many health benefits & a deep curiosity, led to the experimentation in growing different varieties on our 4 hectare certified organic permaculture farm near Pt Elliot SA.

A large hothouse followed to extend our growing season and still, we couldn’t keep up with demand.

Successive return trips to Indonesia led to the development of our unique Growers Network and additional supply.

Many years later, we possibly have the best turmeric range in Australia.

Black, yellow, Javanese Giant turmeric (temu lewak used in Jamu making) and aromatic white turmeric … sometimes known as kencur.

We slice all our turmeric by hand and dehydrate at low temperatures in our own dryers to retain their health benefits.
Available at our Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN, or through our website

We’ve also developed our own four fold organic turmeric extract! Use a drop or two in your favourite juice, soup, scrambled tofu, eggs etc

We can also grind your turmeric to order!