NASAA Certified Organic

Almost 18 Months Later

I’ve always be drawn to objects that have rustic beauty, simple elegance, good design and authenticity! (That’s why I married my wife … only joking of course)!

So … it seemed natural when designing and stocking our Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN, to enlist the help of my gorgeous wife, good brother from Dog Dragon, Pt Elliot, valuable staff, Chad, one of our fab baristers and jack of all trades, farmers, Producers & crafts men and women from all over the world.

Almost 18 months later I believe we have a nice “fit” ….

Our restored 1940’s French lever press coffee machine was purchased to compliment our new state of the art San Remo Opera machine, German made stone mills are available to our customers to grind pepper and spices and transform organic grain into nutrient rich flour for our kitchen, brass wire was used to weave and fashion our hand made light shades, customers can enjoy the ambience of our 300 year old table and chair set, or sit at our long table made from century old hand hewn teak, hand adzed teak bowls feature our Product range, daphne stems were used make our paper, each letter depicting our Beach Organics Store signage took a day to reshape from old drums and our Fresh produce is grown on our own organic farm circa 1983.