NASAA Certified Organic

22 April Organic Garden Workshop

We’re pretty chuffed to say 90% + of fresh produce featuring in our kitchen at PLANT 4 BOWDEN is harvested from our own certified organic gardens. We reckon this is a pretty good effort!

No tillage, annual cropping, compost teas, integrated poultry forage system, poly culture, perennial tree crops, legumes in rotation and stringent NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia) auditing for almost 20 years, all equate to a highly responsible way of producing great tasting, healthy food for our customers .. .and demonstrate incredibly sound environmental credentials.

Couple this with our Traditional Farmers Network, which supports natural farming systems in Indonesia, Morocco, Northern India and Bhutan and we have a good thing going.

Chuck this mix together and you have a riot of flavours and a wonderful story on our customers’ plates.

Want to learn how we piece all this together?

We have our second “Organic Kitchen Garden Workshop” on the 22nd of April.

For bookings: please see details on our website, call us on 85 54 2956 or email: