NASAA Certified Organic

Coffee Project

Ten or so years ago I became interested in the Australian coffee industry and its social and environmental implications.
We had our Traditional Farmers network well and truly established and some of our farming friends had coffee growing within their beautiful food forest farming systems.

It seemed logical to “piggy back” their organically grown green coffee beans with our coconut oil, cacao, pepper and other spices.

My next step was to complete a coffee roasting course.

Whilst attending the course I posed a question to the master roaster, who had over 25 years in the Australian coffee industry. It related to fumigation (with an insecticide) and the importation of green coffee beans into Australia. At the time it appeared to be common.

This provided a catalyst for my next task. The establishment of the Beach Organics Coffee Project. Shipping small quantities of “direct traded” carefully grown and processed organic green beans purchased directly from farmers in Indonesia into Australia without chemical treatment nor gamma radiation.

My next obstacle was to procur a coffee licence to export coffee out of Indonesia. A frustrating two years later the task was done.
We now vacuum pack all our green beans at source using our own equipment. This not only keeps our beans fresher for longer but enables me to navigate greens beans through Australian quarantine more easily without fumigation.

Ten years on and after much effort and research we can offer our customers a delicious coffee and have complete transparency regarding its growing, processing, shipping and final roasting. This is our unique Beach Organics Traditional Farmers network in action!

Swing past our new Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN for your daily caffeine hit, or order our freshly roasted beans here online at and we can post to you.