NASAA Certified Organic

A small sample of our Beach Organics products carefully curated at source.

A small sample of our Products … genuine cold cracked cashews, rosella, vanilla, raw cacao to make our chocolate, cold pressed coconut oil, dehydrated mango, papaya, dragon fruit and pineapple etc, carefully curated at source, directly supports a myriad of small organic farming systems across three continents.

Our certified organic permaculture farm near Pt Elliot, established in the early 1980’s, grows approximately 150 edible species, is used as our template for our O/S operations, a production site and our agroforestry model has seen 1,000’s of trees planted, acting as a small, but efficient carbon sink!

An example how a small business can support climate activism!

Swing past our Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN, visit our online store at or get growing and book in for our next Organic Kitchen Garden Workshop on Sunday 27th Nov 22.

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