NASAA Certified Organic

Rare French lever press coffee machine – Not your average shop!

Our 80 year old, fully restored, rare French lever press coffee machine delivers a delicious coffee .. and makes the perfect accompaniment to our superb San Remo Opera espresso machine.

Volcanic eruptions have enriched and remineralised soils in Indonesia for 1,000’s of years.

These rich, biodiverse and beautiful “food forest” farming systems are my preferred stomping grounds for sourcing our green coffee beans. We’ve supported organic growing practices there for decades.

We vacuum pack all our coffee at source maintaining bean freshness during transportation and enabling us to micro manage them through Australian Quarantine without the usual fumigation.

We then carefully roast this coffee at our Beach Organics Store. Thursdays are our roasting day.

Another work in progress is a climatically appropriate certified organic permaculture farm we’ve developed near Pt Elliot SA.

Nearly 40 years in the making, this delivers our unique “paddock to plate” menu.

We’re happy to say we grow approximately 95% of our fresh organic Produce for our plant based menu at PLANT 4 BOWDEN. Quite an achievement.

The legacy of years of work and research is available to our customers at PLANT 4 BOWDEN.

Not your average shop.
Taste the passion.