NASAA Certified Organic

Grow as Much Food as We Can

As our food becomes more industrialised in nature … and I believe inherently bland, human and environmental health is undoubtedly suffering.

It strikes me, that its increasingly important for us to grow as much food as we can in our backyards, balconies, under the verandah, vertically up or down multi story dwellings, in wicker beds, pots, hot houses, road side verges, against fences to create fedges, front yards, window sills etc.

This urgency has been the catalyst for our next series of “Organic Kitchen Garden Workshops” in Autumn and Spring 2019.

Our own certified organic permaculture property near Pt Elliot South Australia –
67 Old Telegraph Rd, Middleton SA

Sunday April 21st
Sunday October 13th

Donation: $30 per person.
This will be used to buy compost, additional poultry for our integrated poultry forage system and more fruit and nut trees for our edible gardens.

Bookings essential:
Tel: 08 85 54 2956