NASAA Certified Organic

Poly Culture

Culinary Collective

Our Beach Organics culinary collective is finding its feet at our relatively new home at PLANT 4 BOWDEN. The BEACH ORGANICS STORE is our new home, showcasing a personal culinary journey spanning decades.

This unique combination embraces fresh produce from our own small scale certified organic farm near Pt Elliot.

By developing personal and engaging relationships with saffron growers in Morocco, tea estate owners in Darjeeling & Assam, coffee growers in Bali and Flores, pepper and spice growers in Sumatra, traditional honey gatherers in parts of Indonesia, small communities growing tropical fruits, coconuts, cacao & tamarind, rare mountain herbs grown and gathered by our friends in pristine Eastern Bhutan, traditional salt makers etc we have a unique culinary heritage we can express in our Store and the food we offer our customers.

Our simple menu respects traditional craftmanship and distinctive flavours.

The picture below is one of our many small scale vegetable, herb and fruit gardens on our permaculture property at Pt Elliot.

Poly culture at its best.

We regularly harvest basil, artichokes, chives, chillies, Warragul, broad beans, peas, kale, silver beet, chard, carrots, beetroot, lettuce, figs, apples, plums, parsley, rocket, tomatoes, turmeric and radish for our “paddock to plate” menu.