NASAA Certified Organic

Pop Up Farm Gate Store open for three days from Tuesday 28th December!

It's been a long wait, but things come to those who are patient.

From a conversation with our logistics manager in Indonesia six or so months ago, orders were placed and our Indonesian team moved into action!

Our organically grown coffee beans where hand picked, naturally dried and vacuum packed, cashew kernels where processed using a traditional method of hand cracking the kernels and hand polishing the purple testa - skin, from the nut.

To honour a simple village craft a millennia or more old, wild tamarind pods where harvested and hand scraped, de-seeded and further drying in our dehydrators concentrated the flavour.

Our fine grain sea salt was hand panned by the kg, supporting a tradition reaching back in time.

Long pepper was wild harvested from volcanic peaks and valleys and peppercorns ripened under tropical skies where hand picked.

Soaking them in water for a week or more, rubbed to liberate their skins and drying on bamboo racks, then sorted by hand and vacuum packed produces a white pepper with a remarkably clean and intensive flavour.

Organic cacao was harvested and ground to a paste to use as a base for our single origin "bean to bar" chocolate and a first for us, moringa leaf was harvested and dehydrated in our s/s drier, then ground to a powder and vacuum packed for shipping.

Navigating the resulting shipment through a gridlock, resulting from a world wide pandemic and micro managing the consignment to ensure all our Products arrived to us without fumigation / gamma irradiation and finally our trusty ute was yet again, loaded with boxes, driven from Pt Adelaide and transported ready for storage!

In amongst this, we had our annual NASAA / NCO organic inspection, juggled our Store at PLANT 4 Bowden, renewed compost on our certified organic garden beds, planted 100's of vegetables, fruit trees, roasted 100's of kgs of coffee, made chocolate, served 1,000's of cups of coffee, chai and tea from tea gardens we harvest from in Darjeeling, Assam, Central Java and Sumatra and ran our "paddock to plate" menu, our online store, w/s business and our "pop up" Beach Organics Farm Store. 

A rigorous training schedule in a crazy year and I finally received my second black belt, this time for free style karate and another grading in jujitsu. Many yoga teaching sessions helped add balance!

Pop Up Farm Gate Store will be open for three days ...

Tues 28th Dec from 12noon - 5pm
Wed 29th Dec from 10am - 5pm
Thurs 30th Dec from 10am - 5pm

67 Old Telegraph Rd Middleton
Please ring the cow bells when you arrive and remember to sign in.
Tel: 08 85 54 2956
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