NASAA Certified Organic

Swing past our certified organic permaculture farmgate 10 – 5 pm

Swing past our certified organic permaculture farm between 10am - 5pm and visit our simple farm gate store.

Commencing from an overgrazed and barren paddock in the early 1980's, our gardens are now brimming with goodness.

Did you know you can pre order a fresh Produce Box and we'll pick your produce directly from our certified organic gardens.

Our unique "Village Based" enterprise projects now spanning three continents deliver to us our organic cacao, vanilla, saffron, tamarind, cashews, moringa, cinnamon, rare single estate peppercorns, green coffee beans, teas etc.

These projects work hand in hand and attempt to address the environmental and social degradation of large agricultural systems and typical international trade. They also assist us in enrobing atmospheric carbon and create diverse and biologically active landscapes.

Call by for a coffee, top up your kitchen cupboard or simply enjoy the ambience.

67 Old Telegraph Rd Middleton SA
Tel: 08 85 54 2956

Please ring the wooden cow bells upon entry to the Farm Gate store.