NASAA Certified Organic

Our Next Phase!

A deep curiosity in food provenance and ethics, food security, “food forest” farming systems and a dislike for modern day chemical driven industrialised agricultural systems has been the catalyst for establishing Beach Organics in the early 1980’s.

My first project was to establish our own NASAA certified organic permaculture property near Pt Elliot.

Our certified organic wood oven bakery followed. Our loaves where kneaded entirely by hand, using stoneground heirloom grains.

The Beach Organics Traditional Farmers network followed, generating high quality nutrient rich produce to make our own organic raw chocolate, grow green coffee beans to roast our own organic coffee, cinnamon, tea, vanilla, hand rub our own organic raw cashews and another 100 plus other products.

This supports small organic and traditional farming systems in Indonesia, Morocco, Nth India and recently Bhutan.

To show case our products, our Beach Organics Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN was created.

Our next phase is to focus on education, encouraging people to grow their own produce and be more mindful in their food consumption.

To follow, we’ll be looking at food tourism, escorting small groups to our favourite regions of the world.

Then … who knows!!!