NASAA Certified Organic

Small Scale Farming Systems

At Beach Organics we believe small scale farming systems are far more productive and ecologically sustainable than large industrialised systems.

That’s why in the early 80’s, I decided to take action and establish our own NASAA certified organic permaculture property near the beautiful coastal town of Pt Elliot.

35 years later … our small farm is producing an abundance of fresh produce.

Water gardens abound, fruit trees, herb and vegetable gardens produce health giving produce for our kitchen and menu at PLANT 4 BOWDEN!

Our love of travel and exploration led us to establish an international extension of Beach Organics – our Traditional Farmers network.

20 years later, this supports small scale farming systems world wide!

Shade grown organic coffee, long pepper, cacao for our chocolate making, single estate teas from Darjeeling and Java, organic cinnamon from Sumatra, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cold pressed coconut oil, coconut palm sugar, rare tropical honeys, saffron are just a few of these products you’ll find piled high at our Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN.

And when on the road (and at home) … I always fit in some yoga practice, sometimes in beautiful and inspiring locations!

We love sharing knowledge accumulated over those years.

Stay tuned for our Winter and Spring workshop program!