Organic Lime (NASAA 5196) Infused Fine Grain Sea Salt


Certified organic kaffir Limes (NASAA licence no 5196) are layered in the salt for six months or more to add a delicate citrus flavour.

The Lime Infused Fleur de Sel Sea Salt is tantalising on pasta, seafood, vegetables, curries poultry etc.

I am proud to offer this superb Hand Crafted, Fleur de Sel Sea Salt .. ‘flower of salt’ produced by traditional artisans who have plied the trade of salt production for hundreds of years.

A gourmet product of exceptional quality, the production of this boutique sea salt requires attention to detail and considerable time. Each small batch takes weeks of hand panning and grading to produce the perfect grain.

Simple traditional hand tools of bamboo and palm are used. This artisan sea salt has a totally unique, clean, bright flavour.

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