NASAA Certified Organic

Cranking up our beautiful Opera espresso machine more often!!

We’re over the moon to say we’re swinging our doors open … and cranking up our beautiful Opera espresso machine at our Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN more often!!

We’re almost back to our usual trading hours:

Wednesday: 5 pm – 9 pm
Thursday: 11 – 1 pm
Friday: 5 pm – 9 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9 – 5 pm

By the way … few people know, we work with organic coffee growers in Indonesia.

After harvest, we carefully vacuum pack all our coffee at source.

This ensures our green beans stay as fresh and untainted as possible in transit. We then ship all our coffee to Pt Adelaide, without fumigation.

We then do all our coffee roasting in-house, ensuring our customers get the best possible coffee experience  … and a coffee with complete “farm to cup” transparency.

With careful packing, we can squeeze a ton of our green coffee beans onto the back of our trusty ute …. and have them back to our organic farm near Pt Elliot.

Voila, The Beach Organics Coffee Project!!!