NASAA Certified Organic

Plastic Free July

Its difficult being carbon neutral when running a small business such as Beach Organics.
But from small gestures, big things grow!

We have our own organic gardens with bustling biodiversity, our compost rich soils “enrobe” carbon, we’be planted 1000’s of trees to help offset the energy required to import our cacao, cinnamon, vanilla, green coffee beans etc, we make our own compost from our spent coffee grounds and organic kitchen waste generated from our Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN and our own international Farmers network supports small scale organic farming systems.

We also look seriously at our food and drink packaging and actively discourage our customers from using disposable coffee cups, even though they are compostable.

We use washable crockery, spoons, knives and forks and have always resisted using take away coffee trays.

For “plastic free July” and any other time of the year, we’re happy to give our customers a delicious in house roasted organic coffee for just $3 if you supply your own 8oz cup, or a large coffee for $4!

This must be some of the best value coffee in SA!

So help us, help our environment!