NASAA Certified Organic

Paddock to Plate
Special Free Give-a-way

We love growing things in our certified organic gardens near Pt Elliot, passing on organic gardening tips to our customers and offering them a genuine “paddock to plate” experience. We’re 90% + self sufficient with our ingredients featuring in our menu.

And we want YOU to grow more backyard Produce.

So, we have a SPECIAL FREE give way to all who swing past our Store this weekend.

Simply call into Beach Organics at PLANT 4 BOWDEN with a pot or two purchased from the Mothers Day “pop up” plant nursery, and we’ll give you some our very own certified organic vegetable / herb seed to plant, absolutely FREE.

PS … Did you know that approximately 98% of all vegetable and herb seed is imported from O/S. Grown locally is best and well adapted to our harsh and variable climate in SA.