NASAA Certified Organic

From modest ideas to a much bigger picture …. BO Property

From modest ideas to a bigger picture ….

Here we have a picture taken of our paddock purchased in the early 1980’s.

Have a look at the drone footage below and spot the difference.

Our property is still a work in progress, but we’re using it increasingly as a living classroom, running workshops on sustainability, kitchen garden workshops, permaculture, property design, sourdough bread making classes, earth housing etc

For enquires please email or call us on 08 85 54 2956.

The Beach Organics permaculture farm …

An obsessive desire to produce much of our own organically grown Produce has gradually transformed a barren dairy paddock into a bustling edible permaculture garden. This has been a project spanning almost 40 years!

Water gardens, sustainable owner built housing, wood-oven, swales, herb, vegetable, fruit & nut gardens add refined complexity and aesthetic beauty.

Trees are planted regularly to offset our carbon foot print and biologically active soils help enrobe carbon.

With the ability to harvest over fifty varieties of fresh certified organic items every day of the year, we eat well and so do our customers. Our “farm to plate” menu at PLANT 4 BOWDEN is another obsession of ours!

The Beach Organics farm is used as a template to refine our unique Kitchen Garden Network. The Indonesian archipelago, NW Africa, Bhutan and N India are our preferred landscapes. All these countries have a people who share a cultural respect for the earth and have deep agrarian connections.

We import these Products, providing rare transparency with our entire Product range.