NASAA Certified Organic

Tropical Fruits Program

Beach Organics has established a small commercial kitchen on the East Coast of Bali to value add surplus local tropical fruits at source i.e papaya, mango, coconut and dragon fruit – to date.

We have purchased and installed commercial food grade S/S Dehydrators and vacuum packing machinery, scales etc. Basically, this assists in building social capital within the village, which ideally has a ripple effect throughout community, increasing cash flow, skill development and so on.

The equipment can also be used to process other Products including granolas, mushrooms etc and sold onto restaurants, cafes, or direct traded through markets etc entirely at the discretion of the local farmers.

A Micro “grass roots” investment like this has tremendous benefits for local communities. For example, this project has funded a local student’s education at a university in Canada. She is now 3 years into her degree. Another student is being funded through the award winning Green School in Bali, an inspirational international school with a strong environmental focus.

A local rice farmer is currently earning around 90 cents Australian per day. Projects like this can increase incomes x up to 5 fold.