NASAA Certified Organic

Tamarind Grass Roots Project

One of the fun things about running Beach Organics is turning our hand to Product development.

With the help of our master alchemist, Tri and other friends in Indonesia, we’ve set up a grass roots Project to hand scrape and de seed fresh tamarind pods.

Vacuum packed at source, we’ve received our second batch. We’re more than happy to say our fresh tamarind paste has NO added water, salt or preservatives.

And here’s a few recipe hints:

When the energy flags during these hot Summer days, try mixing with some sparkling mineral water and ice for a refreshing tonic.
Or blend with some water, lime juice, chilli, turmeric, salt, sesame oil and coconut palm sugar for a delicious dipping sauce or salad dressing. Try dipping slices of apple, green mango, pear or cucumber!