NASAA Certified Organic

Permaculture Farm is in Abundance!

Despite an exceedingly hot and dry summer on the South Coast, Produce from our Beach Organics permaculture farm is in abundance!

Our certified organic heirloom apples come in a range of flavours and colours, olives trees are loaded with fruit ready to pickle and press into fragrant oil, plums are ready to harvest and dry for our yearly supply of prunes, a crop of finger limes will garnish our customers plates, a heavy quince crop are protected from birds with netting, breakfast by the fig trees is a treat, thick slabs of sun ripened tomatoes with olive oil, basil on sourdough are a lunch time treat, capers are flowering profusely, our free range chooks are looking after our supply of saffron yoked eggs and our supply of protein rich amaranth seed is secure for the year!

We’ve been enjoying this “plant based” diet for decades and our customers at our Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN can enjoy its health giving benefits as well.

Our gardens are NASAA certified organic for your re assurance!!!