NASAA Certified Organic

We Feel Blessed

After 35 years of developing the Beach Organics HQ we feel blessed to have amassed a vast array of fresh organic produce and flavours our customers can now enjoy at our Store at PLANT 4 BOWDEN.

Our edible gardens are now spread over two and half thousand square metres and sit well into our 10 acre property.

A true alchemy of flavours that shape our ever changing menu.

Our newly acquired red ginger is settling in nicely, limes hang in bunches, our kaffir limes produce aromatic leaves and fruit used in our laksas, fragrant curry leaf bushes sit well with our bananas and finger limes, our poultry forage system is recycling much of our cafe green waste and we have over 35 vegetables, herbs, fruits and nuts we can harvest every day of the year!

Enjoy these wonderful flavours and health benefits of eating our certified organic produce ..... & track us down at our Store at PLANT Bowden, Adelaide.