NASAA Certified Organic

Sustainable economic development in the “food forest” coffee plantations.

Permaculture is a system designed for environmental management within the community.
Its aim is to fulfill needs and to remain sustainable by utilising local resources through environmentally sound methods that are energy efficient, balanced with local wisdom, nature and the environment!
Our unique Coffee Project attempts to utilise some of these principles.
We use this “lense” to create sustainable economic development in the complex “food forest” coffee plantations of Indonesia.
Here we have a multi leveled income stream being returned to the farmers:
1. Income from green coffee bean sale
2. Harvesting the precious honey derived from the coffee blossoms
3. Creating a delicious tea from the coffee skins, commonly known as cascara
Available at our Beach Organics PLANT 4, BOWDEN STORE
Beach Organics permaculture farm, near Pt Elliot, by appointment only.