NASAA Certified Organic

Beach Organics farm, situated between Middleton and Pt Elliot SA

With no doubt, this pandemic has caused enormous loss in peoples lives.

However, between January and March 2020, China’s Ministry of Ecology & Environment has measured an 84.5% increase in days with good air quality in 337 cities. This is likely to be occurring elsewhere.

As the air quality improves and sulphur dioxide levels decrease, its a reminder that our current economic system, including our agricultural model is clearly out of sync with our environment.

Consumers will no doubt be more seriously considering the health and environmental impacts of their shopping choices in a post Covid world.

Its difficult when running a small business, such as Beach Organics, to be completely carbon neutral, though serious actions taken over almost 40 years, helps.

Here’s a few of our credentials …

In the early 1980’’s I took the first step and purchased some land. This was to see the evolution of our own small scale organic farm.

The Beach Organics farm, situated between Middleton and Pt Elliot SA and our Store at PLANT 4 Bowden SA, demonstrate excellence in sustainable and environmentally sensitive design:

The farm is inspired by permaculture and is certified organic by NASAA.

Thousands of trees have been planted, helping to regenerate a depleted paddock.

Swales & water gardens encourage bio diversity, with beneficial insect populations on the rise, bird life returning and native grasses re appearing.

Hummus rich soils enrobe atmospheric carbon.

Composting systems, an integrated poultry forage system and worm farming, recycle all our commercial kitchen waste.

Vegetable, herb, fruit and nut gardens supply an abundance of Produce.

A small, low cost, owner built earth house nestled into the gardens is where we choose to live.

The Slow Food movement has been embraced.

In the late 1990’s it was decided to support small organic farming systems internationally. So, travel to Indonesia, Morocco, India and Bhutan followed.

This Kitchen Garden network is unique to Beach Organics.

It delivers Products we cant grow in SA, supporting communities & families who share similar values as ours.

Single estate organically grown coffee, Rain Forest Alliance tea, cinnamon, saffron, vanilla, cacao to make our chocolate, coconuts, dehydrated papaya, mango and dragon fruit, Argan oil, pepper, orange oil, rose water and many other Products are the result of years of work.

The opening of our Store at PLANT 4 Bowden connects the Adelaide community to our endeavors and showcases our plant based “paddock to plate” menu, “bean to bar” chocolate, in house roasted coffee and more.

Within the Store, solid recycled teak & marble bench tops, coupled with living plants help with air quality and deliver rustic charm.

Over 90% of Produce on our customers plates is harvested directly from our own gardens.

Our simple Farm Gate is now open every Thursday from 10 – 5 pm delivering Produce Boxes to those who pre order and our coffee machine producers fine coffee from our own beans.

Workshops on small scale organic gardening will re commence post Covid 19.

Future plans … Farm stay cabins are on the cards!

Stay safe, eat well.

Beach Organics Farm: 67 Old Telegraph Rd Middleton
Farm landline: 08 85 54 2956
Sorry, we don’t use mobile phones.
Due to the Covid pandemic our Store at PLANT 4 Bowden is closed.